Trauma Counseling: You don’t have to go through this alone.

Are you experiencing trauma, even if others are way beyond telling you that you should’ve moved on by now, if others minimize what you’re going through because they don’t get it? Are you avoiding questions and explanations? Do you want the world to go away? Do you feel lost in your own personal nightmare? Do you even recognize yourself any more?  

Getting Help and Moving Forward

Following a life-altering event or years of trauma, you may need counseling if you find yourself:

  • Avoiding any potentially stressful situation
  • Avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma
  • Panicking in social situations you cannot escape
  • Hiding your feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt, depression
  • Harming yourself
  • Neglecting yourself
  • Being sick a lot; accidents
  • Lack of meaning
  • Mental confusion
  • Withdrawing from relationships with loved ones
  • Struggling to fall or stay asleep; avoiding going to sleep
  • Reliving the trauma in nightmares, terrors, and flashbacks
  • Suffering in your performance at work
  • Drinking or abusing drugs
  • Avoiding plans for the future
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Feeling like you’re facing everything alone

There is no one way to work towards resilience and growth, but you don’t have to struggle through this difficult time alone and alienated.