About Me…

After earning my Bachelors and Masters from Stanford and my PhD in mother-infant attachment at the University of Washington, I have spent thirty years specializing in the treatment of traumatized young adults, adults, and couples. My clients have experienced PTSD, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, abuse, poly-substance abuse, divorce, co-parenting challenges, attachment issues, family and step-family problems, difficult workplace and co-worker issues, and loss of meaning. I recently updated my training, earning a second Masters degree, in Counseling Psychology, at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Boulder, Colorado.

Before moving here, I was Clinical Director of Separation & Loss Services, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle. I worked with high-risk adolescents, most gang-affiliated, in a juvenile detention boys’ camp and in alternative high schools near Seattle and Santa Barbara. I staffed the Parenting After Loss program through Hospice. Previously, in addition to a thriving, Seattle-area private practice begun in 1993, I co-created and administered the Diversion Program for the Washington State Bar Association and counseled lawyers and judges. I am familiar with the issues that get well-intentioned professionals into all kinds of difficulties and the ways to help them restore and regenerate self-respect and the respect of others in their profession and the community. I am a Crime Victims Compensation Program affiliate, providing direct clinical services to co-victims of violent crimes and natural disasters.  I have been Co-Principal Investigator of several national trauma treatment projects.

There is never a “single issue” that brings someone in. Grief is often complicated by depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family issues. Anxiety is complicated by family issues, substance abuse, depression, panic. Depression is complicated by….And there is no single “treatment modality”. The answer is, “It depends”, and you will be the partner all along in your counseling. Please let me know if I can be of support to you or those you care about.