Holistic trauma treatment. My expertise is in supporting families and friends who have lost loved ones in violent ways–suicide, crash, natural disaster, homicide, overdose, or medical complications. I see sexual assault victims and abuse survivors, people who want to move on in their lives. I am trained in and use EMDR.

Implementing co-parenting plans with families after divorce. When children or adolescents are involved, this is often the most difficult and painful part of the overall divorce negotiations. In most cases, parents don’t know what to do; oftentimes one or more of their children is out of control. Attorneys try to do their jobs but often get in the way. What does “in the best interests of the children” really look like? Each family is different, yet families have many similarities. I want to help parents develop a system for their separate households, try it out, and fine tune it as needs change and people grow…including the parents. I am also aware of the needs of adult children whose parents are divorcing and have worked with individual adult-children as well as entire family systems.

Young-senior adults. I see people who are deeply grieving. I see professionals whose careers are at risk or in need of a tune-up; people going through divorce or the painful breakup of a relationship; parents who need guidance with younger generations; people in other major life transitions; and couples who seek better understanding, communication, and the tools to grow their relationship and reestablish trust and intimacy.

Let’s look at who you are today, where you might want to go, what holds you back and what might help. Let’s restore and develop self-esteem based on understanding who you are. We’ll start with today and then look deeper at what has happened in the past and how it affects your future. We will focus on what is and is not working and will build on your strengths with compassion and respect for your unique journey. We will build active listening skills, stress management skills, and skills for reconnecting with parts of yourself that you’ve put away. We will find authentic balance and self-respect, step-by-step building resiliency so you can nurture deep intimacy with those you choose to be in your life.

With 30 years of experience in the mental health field, I’ve taught and counseled preschool teachers, parents, gang-affiliated teens, medical school students, public prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, victims assistance staff members, mental health therapists, judges and many, many clients.  I’ve learned from them all.