When I found out that my wife was having an affair, I was devastated, sick, angry times 100, scared, revengeful, couldn’t think, couldn’t work, didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to do what I wanted to do. I got your name, and over the next months, you helped us communicate and find our way. It wasn’t easy. We learned skills. We read a few books you suggested. We did homework. Our kids saw us work things out in healthy ways. We have family meetings now. We’re not perfect, but we’re real and we saved our marriage. Thanks is not enough. –L and J

I was a cutter for 9 years. Many times I did other things to hurt myself and just about anybody around me. You helped me. You helped me find good parts of myself, and I faced the other ones. My family was so (screwed up). I almost lost my daughter. I was a terrible mother. I didn’t know how….–Ahna

Your patient listening without judgment, hearing myself complain, helped me to see what I needed to do to move out of that space into something more conducive to a greater level of functioning in my daily life.  –Paul

When I thought about the final act, what I’d do, words wouldn’t come out. It was so dark, where I was, had been since I could remember. You helped me connect the nightmares in my head to what I was feeling.  Then I could tell you and people about it.  I started to live again.  –Laurie

She’s my princess, has been for 59 years.  To see her disappearing day by day, she didn’t get dressed any more,  just broke my heart.  I didn’t know what to do.  You helped me see how I was avoiding those big decisions.  I didn’t want to tell my daughter.  She has her own family now.  But when I did, she begged me to let them help.  You met with us over at the house and everybody did a part.  Now she (his wife) has the care she needs.  I see our friends from time to time.  My grandson taught me email. I re-connected with my old best friend’s widow.  –Louis

You coached me to take control of my practice.  Now, I’m hiring my clients.  I keep office hours.  I take most weekends off.  My wife and I went on a weekend together, just the two of us, first time since we had the kids.  I hired a part-time bookkeeper and might hire an associate.  I stopped drinking. I go to AA. I’m going to a workout class at the rec center, lost 15 pounds so far.  It’s scary to look back at where I was headed.  Thank you for helping me see,  for being there when I was losing it and for your respect when I had none.  –Dave

Talking about such a difficult time in my life was a helpful catharsis for me. I think the EMDR we did was the turning point. –J

Thank you for your compassionate and empathic listening.  I’d never told anyone before. You always said, “Trust is built,” and I came to feel like I could trust myself. I learned about toxic people, who not to trust, what is OK and what is not. I got that job we talked about.–Jo