EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy

Image result for emdrWhen it comes to healing long-term trauma and/or after a traumatic incident, or if you’re facing a very difficult situation, EMDR can be a valuable tool in helping you develop perspective, resilience, boundaries, skills, courage and integration. EMDR is a physiologically-based therapy, based on research data, that helps many people work with disturbing material by desensitizing and reprocessing memories,, images and experiences.

EMDR is not all about using a flashing light bar, or tapping, or following a waving pointer with your eyes, or identifying targets, or giving numbers to your feelings. It is also based on the relationship between you and your therapist. That trust is built. We will work together, stay with what you can tolerate, and we will build on that. We work with your thoughts, senses, somatic feelings, emotions, triggers, memories and experiences, and recognize and hold whatever comes up .

EMDR stands alone as a treatment in some cases where there’s been a one-time event. In other instances, EMDR is part of what helps in more comprehensive longer-term treatment. Training and the experience to know the difference, knowing when EMDR can be very helpful, those are reasons clients seek the guidance and mental health services I provide.

Unprocessed trauma can keep you frozen. Disturbing memories are easily triggered rendering you terrified of what you’re holding in, triggering your body’s flight or fight responses, so you consciously and unconsciously stay away from all reminders. But they don’t go away. You relive images, sounds, and feelings as if the event(s) were happening all over again. To prevent this, you lash out or isolate,  among many other self-defenses, becoming further and further from who you were “before”. The way you see the world and the ways you relate to others are primally affected. Our goals are resilience and meaning, not forgetting and closure. “It” doesn’t go away; we practice living with “it” in ways that aren’t destructive, life-threatening and crippling.

If you’re reading this, you’re aware that something is holding you back from living fully. Yes, we follow EMDR protocol and the basic practices. I also practice with an overall emphasis on your health and well being, I take the time to listen and get to know you as an individual. We put the pieces together.