Anxiety Treatment

Image result for anxiety disorderAre you suffering from panic attacks or isolating because you fear what could happen if you were in public or driving or at work or in the grocery store and had another one? Or maybe your anxiety is constant. Your worrying is ruthless; you’re hypervigilant, worn out by the constant chatter inside yourself.

Not to minimize anything at all, but many people feel anxious from time to time. Many of us, being humans, experience existential anxiety or feel anxious when we’re asked to step up, but when those feelings occur unrelentingly, or unpredictably as with death-is-now-panic attacks, you know that you’re not OK and can’t ignore what’s been going on. That anxiety interferes with everything–your relationships, your job, sleep, your daily functioning, your chances for a real life, your Self. It’s really, really good that you’re considering getting professional help.

I provide treatment in a caring and professional environment. My practice is informed by research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, and I use this knowledge, and yours, to develop holistic approaches to growth based on your individual circumstances and needs.

Together, we’ll find the old causes and present-day triggers. We will plan a way through. Together we will rediscover your goals and dreams.