Substance Abuse Treatment

 If you’re motivated to make positive changes, if you know that willpower isn’t enough, if you are willing to address the fact that you can’t continue to abuse yourself and maybe those around you, turn to Jennifer Favell, PhD for dynamic resources. She knows that there are many unique, complicated factors that contribute to a lifestyle of spiraling addiction and substance abuse. She is also aware of the many commonalities that substance abusers share. She can help you peel away the layers, face the underlying reasons for your behaviors, make the amends you must, and build a responsible, sustainable, and fulfilling life. With short- and long-term support, you can break negative cycles and feel true well-being. It is difficult to try to do this all on your own.

You’ll enter a warm, respectful, and confidential environment when you visit the private practice office of Jennifer Favell, PhD. She will help you attain tools, resources, practices, and attitudes to sustain and develop your true potential. Reasons to choose Jennifer Favell, PhD’s services include:

·       22+ years of experience and training

·       Responsiveness to the needs of clients

·       Flexible appointment hours

If you’re seeking substance abuse treatment because you know you have to make positive steps forward, I am here to help you develop your potential on a holistic, grounded, reasoned, practical, and real basis.