Groups: Couples, Families, Coworkers

Are there issues you can’t ignore any longer? An affair of your own or your suspicions/knowledge of your partner’s? A primary relationship that is abusive, from Abusive to abusive-and-totally awful and “this is over if I can do this this time and I-know-this-is-over-but-I-do-it-anyway”? Something that takes you down every time you give in? Step-children issues? Problems an older generation has with younger adults making their ways? How about younger adults making their ways with older generations? Have old family issues come out and made you miserable, shut you down? Co-workers or bosses or career paths that do not work? Job evaluations that totally sting or s—? Caring friends whom you’ve totally exhausted by hearing about your issues?

Yes. You need a professional, someone outside, someone who listens with skills and experience.  There are skills you can practice and wire in. There are challenging amends and boundaries you can make for yourself and with others, ones that you honor and hold. Maybe you’re feeling that you need support to withstand the blows. OK, so where do you want to go? Or, OK, let’s at least ask the questions.

No one else has answers FOR you. Working together, we will develop answers so that you can heal and thrive.